Don’t have one. Then register with the program’s official website and use their free web space. Publish your slideshows on the Internet, put them on MySpace or YouTube, and e-mail them to friends.

Slideroll Gallery AV is extremely easy to use and the results are equally immediate and attractive. ComputerTime is parental-control software that lets parents set limits on the amount of time and the time of day when their children can use the computer.

The developer, SoftwareTime believes that the computer is an amazing tool for children, both for educational and social purposes.

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Format: ZIP-Archiv
Betriebssysteme: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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This program is laid out in a way that should feel natural to anyone who has used software like Microsoft Outlook. Many blank fields can be intuitively filled to catalog all your contacts. Users are also given buttons for searching contacts and a number of secondary functions. The program felt natural after a few 33 and a trip to the Help file. Managing our address book was a mixed experience.

“ From the developer: „Play, edit and share your mp3 collection with the world. A lightweight server-based mp3 player for your intranet or web server. Use this utility as a centralized mp3 distribution point for playing your collection of mp3 files.

There is an integrated playlist and id3 editor. Requires PHP to be installed on your server. Visit publisher site for demo.

“ ArtSong is a unique music composition tool that combines algorithmic composition with computer-aided composition techniques. Instead of using traditional music notation to specify musical structures, ArtSong provides algorithmic ‚building-blocks‘.

ArtSong is pure algorithmic with no hidden pre-composed musical sequences so musical decisions are under your control. After you select and configure the algorithmic ‚building-blocks‘ and specify their properties ArtSong’s composition engine will implement your decisions.

The resulting compositions are your original work. ArtSong is a great tool for composing fractal music, included are chaotic attractor algorithms, fractal image algorithms, and L-System text-string algorithms.


Features: Over 30 algorithm plug-ins including random, chaos attractors, image to music, text to music, and so on.

Open ended.

new plug-in components and algorithms can be added. Develop and use your own custom ActiveX algorithms, multiple composition projects can be opened simultaneously, automatic conversion of MIDI files to ArtSong projects, unlimited tracks and algorithms per project, drag and drop between open projects.

Algorithmic generation of compositions up to 3000 measures, setup and directly compose an entire score at once or compose in real time, manipulating parameters while playing the composition, recompose sections of an existing score, multiple levels of composition ‚Undo‘, save projects as MIDI, ArtSong Projects, or simple CSound score files.

Build custom libraries of data patterns, presets, and project templates for reuse.

The world’s leading news channels for free, all in one place allowing you to: flick through channels, just as you would on TV; change channels at the click of a mouse or with a remote control; Program information and interactivity: details of the programs being broadcast live and those coming up, links to give you quick and easy access to the broadcaster’s Web site or other video; Your own personalized player enabling you to: add any channels which offer publicly-available Web streams; share and discuss those channels with other viewers, and try their recommendations.

Our player can run full screen or be minimized to any size to enable you to multi task as you watch.

Version 2;7;0 includes: Pay Per View support; Chat changes – sort by name, click to ignore, colour by role; Tool tips preference; New What’s hot – shows chat activity and number of viewers in your channel list; Many bug fixes; See the forum post Added adverts and tool tips on start up and in between channel changes; Adverts made clickable, opening up a browser to the sponsor’s website; Fixed 33 link not being disabled 33 adding a channel; Added option when creating an account to allow Livestation news updates; Fixed the issue with Livestation running off screen on a 2nd monitor; Option to show chat messages as Alerts; Implemented Live panel; Added Live Chat notification icon on overlay; Improvements to Live Chat, including an option to ignore users; Improvements to What’s Hot; Option to add or remove partner channels; Added video and audio device preferences; 33 screensaver with Livestation running in fullscreen mode; Improved support for MMS streams; Channel screen grabs used as logos for the user channels; Channel name displayed when highlighting a channel logo on the carousel; MidiDrum is a MIDI drum rhythm generator, support custom drum rhythms, it can be save or load from file, the rhythms can be export to MIDI format file too.



rhy file witch created by MidiDrum. Export Drum Rhythm to „. mid“ file format. Support max 8 Beats and 8 StepsBeat.

Support multi-language, Auto selected by System Regional settings and include ChordDiscoWaltzPolkaRockRumbaTango“ rhythms. If your job involves writing or editing, you probably need a word processor to get it done. Microsoft Word can cost hundreds, so a free alternative is nice. Zen Writer is a stylish program that will save you cash, but you’ll sacrifice most of the features you need in productivity software.

True to its name, Zen Writer gives you an open, peaceful place for organizing thoughts.

The customizable music and backgrounds produce a calming effect. You can add a typewriter sound effect to your keystrokes and it even saves your work automatically.

It’s a fun environment for brainstorming, but it won’t match other options like OpenOffice or LibreOffice for productivity.

Most of the features you need aren’t there. There are only five fonts, and you can’t bold, italicize, or underline.